Rotary District 1910 Conference

Join the Rotary District 1910 Conference, a groundbreaking event in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 22nd, 2024!

Connect with Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors from District 1910 and neighboring regions, forging international bonds that transcend borders. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Bosnia and Herzegovina, exploring the cultural gems of Sarajevo, Banja Luka, and Mostar during an enticing free time program from June 20th to 23rd. This immersive experience promises a harmonious blend of global fellowship, insightful discussions, and cultural discovery. Save the dates for an unparalleled journey of connection, knowledge, and exploration!

Conference Hotel

The Sarajevo Hills Hotel, also known as the Hotel Hills, Thermal & Spa Resort Sarajevo, is a comprehensive resort located in the center of a green oasis in Sarajevo. This resort is notable for its extensive facilities that cater to both leisure and business guests. Here are some highlights:

The resort includes 330 rooms and suites, providing a wide range of accommodations to meet various guest needs. It features a multipurpose Congress center equipped with modern conference technology, suitable for hosting various events and meetings. Guests can enjoy a range of wellness and spa services, as well as a fitness center for health and relaxation. The resort boasts both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, offering recreational options regardless of the weather.

Early bird registration

Secure your spot! Early bird registration for the Rotary District 1910 Conference runs from February 29th to March 31st. Dive into the excitement by exploring our diverse packages now. From immersive cultural experiences to exclusive perks, there’s something for everyone.








Plan your Participation

Choose your mode of travel first!

Embark on your Rotary journey with tailored travel experiences! We’ve curated a variety of packages to suit every preference. Whether you prefer the camaraderie of a chartered bus or the convenience of a flight, our packages offer flexibility and choice.

Rotarians from other districts, you’re warmly invited to join our pre-designed packages or craft your unique adventure! Explore the enchanting Bosnia and Herzegovina at your pace, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Choose your path, embrace the spirit of Rotary, and make this conference your own!

Conference only

June 21st to 22nd, 2024

Not included: arrival and departure & accomodation

Includes: welcome party, conference, gala dinner

The “Conference Only” Package! Immerse in Rotary essence with focused events, leaving ample time to explore Sarajevo and connect with Rotarian peers. Unveil the true spirit of Rotary!


June 20th to 23rd, 2024 (optional)

Not included: arrival and departure & accomodation

Includes: individually selected items 

For those craving ultimate flexibility, create your own conference and sightseeing package! Tailor your journey to suit your preferences by handpicking the elements that resonate with you the most. Whether it’s crafting a unique conference experience or designing a personalized sightseeing adventure, the choice is yours. Immerse yourself in the freedom of creating memories at your own pace. Join us in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a Rotary experience that’s as unique as you are!


June 20th to 23rd, 2024

Roundtrip Vienna – Sarajevo with stops in Graz – Banja Luka and option to visit Mostar.

Includes: transportation, welcome party, conference, gala dinner, accommodation, sightseeing

Experience a journey in a privately chartered bus with fellow Rotarians.

We embark on a memorable trip from Vienna, passing through Graz, and heading to Banja Luka, ultimately reaching the captivating city of Sarajevo. Join the camaraderie of Rotary friends, exchanging ideas and creating lasting memories throughout this unique adventure. The exclusively chartered bus not only ensures comfort but also provides an opportunity to share the journey within the Rotary community. Be part of this extraordinary experience as we travel from city to city and friendship to friendship!


June 20th to 23rd, 2024

Individual trip to Sarajevo with option to visit Mostar.

Includes: welcome party, conference, gala dinner, accommodation, sightseeing

Opt for the swiftest travel option – aboard a plane.

Embark on a seamless journey directly to Sarajevo. Spend a few days exploring the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina or take a day trip to the picturesque city of Mostar. This expedited travel experience ensures not only efficiency but also the joy of shared moments with like-minded individuals. Join us for an unparalleled adventure.


June 19th/20th to 23rd, 2024

Individual trip to Sarajevo with a stay in Mostar or Banja Luka.

Includes: welcome party, conference, gala dinner, accommodation, sightseeing

Seeking the most individualized travel experience? Opt for the freedom of your own car!

Journey from anywhere to our Rotary District 1910 Conference, allowing you the flexibility to customize your route. Take the scenic route, make spontaneous stops, and immerse yourself in the journey. Plus, relish the opportunity to extend your adventure with stays in Banja Luka or Mostar. Your road trip, your rules! Join us for an unforgettable Rotary experience, embracing the spirit of independence and exploration.